The real reason I am leaving Catholic Central is because I felt like I was being put down for being me. I felt like I couldn’t be too loud because someone would say ‘Shut up, you are so loud Michelle’. If I was too quiet someone they would would ask me what is wrong. What bothered me the most is how everyday someone would tell me at least once or twice a day something about my accent. To be honest, I never felt comfortable because when a hispanic talks with another hispanic we could talk for ages about posole or menudo. When I told someone about my culture or what I did at home, they just don’t understand. I felt kind of left at moments. I felt like I had to be someone in order for them like me or they wouldn’t accept me. I could never be myself. I decide to no longer be part of Catholic Central and to move to another school where I could be more of me. Where there is more people like me. :)

This post is posted on Thursday 2 August 2012.
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